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jon wortmann

Using Brain Science to Recognize and Manage Stress – Part 1

Jon Wortmann, author, trainer and minister, identifies 5 ways that we can make sure the alarm signals in our brain are ready to serve us and keep us safe without getting stuck in a place of stress, anxiety and fear.

tim garvin

Partnering to End Homelessness

United Way of Central Ma President and CEO, Tim Garvin offers 5 ways that together we can redefine and reimagine social progress.

mary coleman

Social Networking to End Poverty

Crittenton Women’s Union Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Mary Coleman describes how toxic stress affects decision making among the poor, and outlines the goals/ success of the Crittenton Mobile Mentoring Program.

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CWU article pic

Addressing poverty requires holistic approach

The lives of low-income single mothers are complicated to say the least, and the US government does not provide clear, supportive paths toward economic independence. However, understanding the challenge in all its complexity means that we can also generate solutions. The solutions are necessarily complex and fly in the face of the familiar mantras of […]

Brookings institute article

AEI / Brookings Institute “Consensus Plan for Reducing Poverty and Restoring the American Dream”

“As America recovers slowly from the Great Recession, many of our fellow citizens remain mired in poverty. Economic trends, cultural changes, and changes in family and marriage patterns are combining in new ways that make it harder for those born on the bottom rungs of the economic ladder to lift themselves up. Poverty is changing, […]

trauma informed approach at school

‘You are more than your mistakes’: Teachers get at roots of bad behavior

As a fifth grader, Franky Price exhibited behaviors that alarmed educators enough to suspend and then expel him from school. Raised in a family of drug users and dealers, he wandered with them from one dingy apartment to the next. Often, there was no bed to sleep on and nothing but plastic covering the windows. […]

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